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Healthcare Industry
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Health care is an essential aspect of all our lives as we will need it at some point or the other. When the need arises, patients will look for a healthcare provider on the internet. Some may want to check the proximity, while others may focus on the services and ratings. Based on what they were looking for, they may decide to schedule an appointment but may move on to another healthcare website if they don’t have the facility or the solution to their problem.

This is why you need a medical website that can help you serve the patients and retain them. With a good website, you may answer all their questions and increase the chance of receiving an appointment. This will help you focus more on patient care and less on creating a marketing strategy.

A health industry website needs to be fast, secure, well-designed, and intuitive to offer a user-friendly customer experience. It must have responsive web design, an intuitive navigation system, and third-party integrations. Health care companies with multiple branches or offices need to have careful content, access, and workflow management for the smooth running of the website. All these features combined will help you create a website that is easy to use.

In this article, we will discuss the list of health industry websites on Drupal. But where does Drupal come into play, and how does it benefit healthcare organizations?

How does Drupal help Healthcare Organizations?

Being an open-source platform, Drupal naturally offers the features mentioned above. It is highly customizable, extensible, and secure, allowing healthcare organizations to stay ahead of the competition.

Compelling UX capabilities, interactive web design, fast-loading websites, and multilingual features are significant benefits for healthcare organizations using Drupal. It also offers page caching, optimized images, integrated search functionalities, multi-site features, and a configurable workflow system.

You can elevate your health website navigation with Drupal modules like Menu Block Module, Superfish Module, Cheeseburger menu, Easy Breadcrumb module, and many more. Paragraphs and Layout modules and text editors like WYSIWYG help manage and create content for your health websites. For payments, you can use Commerce and Commerce NoCart modules. There are more such modules to cater to all your organization’s needs.

Now that you understand that Drupal has multiple benefits for any organization in the health industry let’s discuss a list of health industry websites on Drupal.

Five health industry websites on Drupal

1. MU Health Care

University of Missouri Health Care1, built on Drupal 8, is an academic health care center comprising five hospitals and nearly 60 primary and specialized healthcare clinics. The website won double gold at the prestigious W3 in 2017 and a gold at the 2017 Daveys. The eHealthcare leadership award and Acquia Engage Awards recognized the website, making it obvious why it tops the list of health industry websites on Drupal.

The website has an innovative and interactive location search with cartographic functions based on Google map. Video visit is another innovative feature of the website that uses an encrypted and secure system in compliance with strict HIPAA guidelines to protect patient and organization information.

2. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center2 is one of the oldest and largest cancer centers in the world. They were one of the first organizations to create an innovative platform that now has a reach of more than 5.3 million unique visitors. They were the first enterprise site to launch on Drupal 8 and one of the first tri-state-area healthcare providers to create and host a fully responsive site.

3. Elsan

Elsan3, a leading healthcare provider in France, was created in 2015 at the merger between Vedici and Vitalia. The website has a modern and beautiful design with consistency in graphics and brand platform. Built on Drupal 8, it uses lighter shades and illustrations to create a feeling of warmth and care.

4. Jordan Air Ambulance Center (JAAC)

JAAC4 was established at the direction of His Highness King Abdullah II to provide air medical evacuation of critically injured and ill patients from remote hospitals to Amman, where advanced medical services are available. Drupal 8 was chosen for this state institution because it offers a high level of security and updates.

5. Johnson and Johnson

Johnson & Johnson5 was operating out of over 60 companies using multiple sites in multiple languages and needed a centralized and standardized approach to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Drupal helped them move from different hosts to a custom cloud hosting solution. It also helped them achieve creative freedom and, at the same time, avoid multiple repositories.



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