DDI Camp Session Recordings Are Live!

Photo captured by Alexander Grey taken from unsplash.com. The picture shows a hand with diversity flag colours painted on the palm and a heart in black ink over it.
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The session recordings of the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion camp is live. The links were posted in Drupal diversity-inclusion slack channel and #ddi-camp slack channel. This listicle has arranged the session descriptions and the live video recording of the sessions in the order it appeared in these channels. Thanks Alison Jo of Cornell University for painstakingly posting these videos in the respective slack channels. 

Aegeism and Experiasim: How a Black Bartender found a career in tech

Speaker: Joe Pipkin

Description: I came from a completely non-technical world. Late in my career, I transitioned as a person of color into a tech field. I will share my experience working in a small successful company and how learning Drupal and other technologies have shaped my perspective.

Imposter Syndrom'e Secret Role in Self Sabotage

Speaker: Anita Ihuman

Description: Our response to imposter syndrome can often influence our choices, actions, and decisions. Without exception, people are prone to frequently self-destruct and trip themselves when finding success. This can be associated with imposter syndrome, a typical psychological pattern that causes you to doubt yourself.

During this session, I will talk about imposter syndrome and self-sabotage, how I encountered Imposter Syndrome shortly after starting my first job, and how it resulted in a prolonged period of destructive behaviour, declining my mental and physical health. I'll discuss what I learned about imposter syndrome and how you can prevent it from escalating.

Speaker Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/JyGqg9hXWXrmEck38

Disability in the workplace: Asking for accommodations

Speaker: Jennifer Dust
See the Slides!

Description: As a disabled person in the workplace it can be overwhelming sometimes to ask for even the smallest accommodation. Since becoming disabled I’ve had to unlearn a lot with regards to my own feelings of asking for help, there have been so many times where I didn’t feel I was ‘bad enough’ to warrant getting accommodations & if I’m honest it’s been years and I still struggle with this. I didn’t know how to ask for things that would make my working life better or the options I had when it came to getting the support I needed.

In this session I want to share the things I’ve learned so that other people will feel empowered to reach out and get the assistance they need.

Kicking ass in your career while chronic illness is kicking your ass

Speaker: Alanna Burke

Description: When you think of chronic illness, what do you think of? Someone in a hospital with lots of tubes sticking out? Someone on disability who stays in bed all day and takes a lot of medications? Someone in a wheelchair who can’t get around easily?

Those are some ways that people can experience chronic illness. However, the majority of people with chronic illness still have to live their lives. They go to work, they come home, they take care of their families, their pets, their loved ones. And then they wake up the next day and they do it all over again!

I have been managing several chronic illnesses for over a decade, and during that time my career has taken off in ways I never dreamed it would, but it hasn’t been easy. I work hard and take a lot of pride in my career. As much as sometimes I wish I didn’t have to work to provide for myself and my family, I don’t think I’d be happy without a fulfilling career. In fact, one of my biggest fears is that one day I won’t be able to work anymore due to my health.

In this talk, I’ll go over some of the high and low points I’ve experienced while advancing my career and managing my health, and how I deal when a flare up interferes with work. I’ll share some of my best advice for those in a similar situation. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of what it’s like to manage your life, your work, and your health, and how difficult it can be. My hope is that this talk will build understanding and empathy, and give some insight into what working life is like for those managing chronic illness.

Speaker Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/JyGqg9hXWXrmEck38

Open your Ears, The Challenge of Leadership

Speaker: Deivi Sanchez

Description: With around 14 years of experience in the Web Development and working with teams over America, Asia, and Europe, I've had the opportunity to learn about the development process in different levels and the big challenge is the Teams Management. In this session, we will explore things I've learned about people, our differences, and connecting remotely while still delivering successful projects.

Considering Accessibility & Drupal: A panel discussion

Speakers: Dave Shepley, John Samuel, Angus Kola, Shannon Garner

Description: When most people hear the word accessibility, they might know the idea or understand a few basics, but there’s often a disconnect between the concept and what it means in practice. Accessibility is more than just one idea. It’s how we can bring empathy and user experience to every part of our process. In this talk, we’ll discuss how to bridge this gap between the concept of accessibility to designing, developing, and testing with an empathetic and accessible lens. From deepening our understanding of the accessible experience to the nuance of best practices, you’ll better understand how to create for all users.

Speaker Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/JyGqg9hXWXrmEck38

Resources from the "Considering Accessibility & Drupal: A panel discussion talk

Overcoming imposter syndrome

Speaker: Imran Afzal

Description: Success is something we all crave. We all want to look back at our lives and feel proud of what we’ve archived. However, sometimes it can feel overwhelming as we strive towards our goals. Success can put us in the spotlight, whether that’s starting a new job, getting promoted or delivering a talk. We can often start to feel inadequate. It can feel like we’ve stumbled through to our achievements, and sooner or later, we’ll get found out. It’s during these moments that we can start to question our ability to meet expectations. It’s during these moments that we can start to suffer from imposter syndrome.

Feeling like an imposter in the design and tech space is more common than most would believe. However, talking about the feelings associated with imposter syndrome isn’t very common. We have lots of conversations about learning to design, build and ship better products and services. Rarely do we talk about getting better at managing our anxieties and feelings. This talk hopes to change that.

This talk will explore many aspects of imposter syndrome. Imran will dissect the topic and its impact on people in the tech space. He will also offer guidance on overcoming imposter syndrome and developing self-confidence.

Ethics of AI - What can we learn from Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics?

Speakers: Patty O'Callaghan

Description: Technology is embedded in our lives, and Artificial Intelligence will have an ever greater impact on the development of humanity. As creators of technology, are we prepared for the responsibility that this entails, as we try to create machines that emulate human reasoning and behavior?

Let's find out what Isaac Asimov, one of the greatest science fiction writers, had to said about it when he wrote the Three Laws of Robotics, considered by many to be the historical starting point of the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.

Speaker Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/JyGqg9hXWXrmEck38

Retiring the traditional 40h work week: Designing a compensation model for the 21st century

Speaker: Derek Laventure
View the Slides!!!!

Description: Do you worry about balancing mental health with compensation at work? Is the idea of unlimited PTO scary in your progressive workplace? Feeling stuck in a rigid, archaic 40-hour system that wasn't designed for this economy or modern lifestyle? How can we give workers the flexibility to define their hourly work schedule, without sacrificing results?

We've developed a way to value our humanity first and see our team succeed. We've built a process that gives us a lot of control as workers. We call it the quarterly salary adjustment, and it's one way we encode fairness into the company. This process has worked well for us for several years, and we are excited to share it!

In this talk you'll find a tour of the quarterly salary adjustment process tool. We'll discuss how it evolved, how it works, and problems it does (or doesn't!) solve. Plus, we'll also share some resources to help implement something like this in your workplace!

See https://consensus.enterprises/blog/salary-calculator/ for more background :)

SOUL/Life Balance

Speakers: Sam Kabert

Description: Have you experienced burnout? Let's be real, we all have to some extent. The shocking truth is that it’s more than just burnout. Today’s workforce is stressed, sad and anxious. It’s gotten so bad, that in July of 2022 the numbers 988 are designated as the new three-digit dialing code that easily routes callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It’s time we put our own Mental Health as the number one priority - in business, in education, in all of our relationships.

Work/Life Balance can help, but what this model doesn't address is one's own "inner compass". Burnout and being caught on the hamster wheel of achieving goals and chasing success is a result of prioritizing your work over truly connecting with yourself.

The burnout mind encourages neglecting time for mental health and well-being.The practice of SOUL/Life Balance puts one’s own mental health as the #1 priority while reframing work as a part of being a human.

By implementing SOUL/Life Balance as a way of being, you’ll experience first hand how to optimize all aspects of life, including your work. You’ll be equipped with tools to enable mindful practices for more energy and fulfillment in your everyday life!

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis we are facing as a collective is imperative and the practice of SOUL/Life Balance offers a clear path to relieve burnout, stress, anxiety and overall sadness.

Speaker Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/JyGqg9hXWXrmEck38

Stories make meaning. Meaning makes change

Speaker: Tara King

Description: How many meetings, presentations, and emails have you waded through wondering: What's the point of it all? Who cares about all these charts? Are we just making this stuff up?

Even as tech companies lean more and more heavily on data, we still find ourselves telling stories about that data. We tell stories about how our teams are doing, how we are doing, how the industry is doing -- and these stories have serious power. They affect morale, where we invest our time and money, and much more. As a leader, the ability to tell a compelling story to and about your team is critical.

Join Tara King (novelist, performance artist, and Director of Developer Relations at PagerDuty) on a deep-dive into how stories work and how you can use stories to communicate more effectively inside and outside of work. We'll dig into standard story structures (like the Hero's Journey) as well as more feminist, communal story structures. How can we tell better, kinder, stories to make a better kinder workplace--and world?

Using Technology to Build Communities

Speakers: Kenneth Ndzedzeni

Description: Technology is a tool not only to solve real world problems but also it is a tool to widen relationships and build inclusiveness among different cultural diversities. With several years of experience working with startups and moved from Africa to start a new life in the United States, integrating into Technology and starting from afresh.

Speaker Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/JyGqg9hXWXrmEck38

What's WordPress Diversity (#WPDiversity) Doing?

Speakers: Jill Binder (she/her)

Description: The Diverse Speaker Training Group (#WPDiversity) aims to make online and live WordPress events more diverse and inclusive. Jill Binder, the founder and lead of the #WPDiversity group, will talk about the evolution of the group, our three current impactful programs, and how inclusive events lead to more diverse contributors, organizers and leaders in our community. You'll walk away from the talk inspired and with new ideas for your Drupal Diversity and Inclusion work.

Speaker Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/JyGqg9hXWXrmEck38

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