Top 5 Drupal 9 SEO Modules To Boost Website Ranking

Top Drupal SEO Modules

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of taking steps to help a website or piece of content rank higher on Google. SEO strategy is a detailed plan to improve a website’s search engine rankings to capture more organic traffic.

SEO is vital because it keeps the search results fair. It also enhances the user experience, making it more likely for customers to become repeat buyers. When searching for a service or product online, users are more likely to choose one of the top five suggestions that the search engine shows.

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. A good ranking site is more exposed to users as compared to the others. A business person must take responsibility for taking their website to a higher position for a larger audience and be above all the competitors. 

Drupal is a robust and highly customizable content management system considered the most SEO-friendly platform. Drupal 9 has even been built with the best web technologies. It has more straightforward Drupal SEO Modules that empower business users to take advantage of the power of Drupal. Its new features help to reach new digital channels while strengthening the foundation in content management. The Drupal SEO modules help websites to develop their businesses. The Drupal SEO Checklist uses best practices to check someone’s website for proper search engine optimization. It is updated regularly with the latest techniques, making Drupal search engine optimization hassle-free. Drupal SEO Checklist also keeps track of what has already been done. It places a date and time stamp next to each item. Below are the top five Drupal SEO modules to boost website ranking

Top Five Drupal9 SEO Modules

1. Pathauto

Pathauto - It is one of the essential Drupal SEO modules. It automatically creates URL or path aliases for the contents based on configuration patterns. 

2. XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap - Drupal XML Sitemap module provides the website with a sitemap and makes it searchable by search engines. This Drupal SEO module is flexible enough to include or exclude certain pages from the sitemap of the website. In this manner, it will help the search to understand the hierarchy of the website. 

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics - It plays a significant role in providing the necessary information. With this Drupal SEO module, someone can track their visitors along with their behavior and interests within the site. It results in a way in which someone can change or add new strategies according to the visitor’s preferences and needs and drive more traffic and increase conversions. 

4. Real-Time SEO

Real-time SEO - This Drupal SEO module lets someone edit their SEO elements in no time. There will be no worries about the amount of content or wondering what it may look like in the search engines. It works in coordination with the Metatag module to offer some stunning features. 

5. Meta Tag

Meta Tag - It allows someone to provide metadata automatically. Metadata are meta tags that help search engines understand the content. This Drupal SEO module offers over 300 different meta tags for various purposes, so it’s essential to check and find the right ones for their websites. 

With Drupal, using the right Drupal SEO modules can take any website to the top of search engine rankings to set up for success. 

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