Learn to Debug Drupal with Xdebug

Nick Dickinson-Wilde, a back-end Drupal manager at Taoti Creative will host ‘Debugging Drupal with Xdebug’ at 3 pm in Room A107-108-109 of the DrupalCon Portland 2022.

Xdebug is a PHP extension that can massively improve your debugging experience and speed – for both backend and frontend developers. Conversely, it can also significantly slow down your php execution speed, so you want to only enable it when you are using it. Xdebug works with most IDEs but the session will specifically showcase usage with PHPStorm & VSCode.

Xdebug can debug twig and let you explore available variables without worrying about memory. This use case is often a significant speed improvement over kint() or other variable dumping methods that may show incomplete data to get around memory limits.
During the session, after basic installation/configuration, you will debug a spreadsheet to Drupal migration for a bit of real world usage.

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