Introducing the Project Browser Initiative, a dedicated effort to simplify the Drupal experience for new and less technically-inclined users. With Drupal often proving challenging for newcomers, one of the first hurdles they face is finding and installing contributed modules. Unfortunately, the current process involves numerous steps, including navigating away from the Drupal site to Drupal.org or using technical tools like Composer on the command line.

The Project Browser Initiative aims to change that by providing an intuitive and user-friendly solution for locating and installing modules, specifically tailored for those new to Drupal and with little to no developer experience. While experienced site builders are also welcome to benefit from the Project Browser, the primary focus lies on creating a seamless experience for novices.

The approach taken is one of rapid development to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) into the contrib space quickly, with plans to iterate and refine based on feedback from users. By prioritizing new users' experience over that of experienced Drupal users and non-developer users over developer users, the initiative seeks to cater to the needs of its primary audience effectively.

By supporting the Project Browser Initiative, you can play a vital role in making Drupal more accessible and appealing to newcomers, ensuring a positive and inclusive experience for all users.

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