Bug Smash Initiative - Drupal Initiative logo

The Bug Smash Initiative is a community effort to improve Drupal Core by fixing bugs. Anyone can participate, regardless of their experience level.

To join the initiative, you can:

  • Start by looking at the issues that have already been tagged with the "Bug Smash Initiative" label.
  • Join the #bugsmash channel on Slack and ask for help finding a bug to work on.
  • Attend the weekly triage sessions on Google Meet.

The initiative has a number of resources available to help you get started, including:

  • A list of open issues that need help
  • Documentation on how to triage and fix bugs
  • A Slack channel where you can ask for help from other contributors

If you're interested in contributing to the Bug Smash Initiative, I encourage you to check out the resources and get involved!

Here are some additional details about the initiative:

  • The initiative is focused on fixing bugs in the actively developed versions of Drupal (9.5.x and higher as of December 2022).
  • Contributors are also welcome to work on Drupal 7-only issues if they prefer.
  • The initiative uses the "Bug Smash Initiative" issue tag to track the bugs that have been worked on.
  • The initiative has a weekly triage session on Google Meet where contributors can discuss bugs and get help from other contributors.


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