The focus of this project is to enhance the Layout Builder's UI experience by rewriting it using React. This shift to modern web UX will dramatically improve the content editor experience, making Drupal more accessible and user-friendly.

 The current Layout Builder relies on Drupal technology that hasn't evolved much in the past ten years. Page edits using Drupal's Ajax API cause round trips to the server for UI updates, a cumbersome experience that doesn't align with modern web application expectations. The solution lies in adopting React to enable real-time updates for dynamic editing, enhancing the editor's workflow significantly.

To achieve this, build a proof of concept for layout editing using React. By providing React versions of formatters, widgets, blocks, and offering a way for developers to create their own, The project will pave the way for a more agile and efficient editing experience.

With a proposed investment of $20,000 for six sprints, to develop this initiative concept and create an experimental decoupled Layout Builder module. The team will design an API for describing and declaring React versions of various components, demonstrating seamless communication with Drupal to retrieve and update structured content.

The vision for a decoupled Layout Builder is met with excitement and enthusiasm from the entire team. Their dedication to enhancing Drupal's capabilities is evident, and they look forward to bringing this cool idea to life.



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