Pitchburgh Diaries: Progress Update on Decoupled Layout Builder in Drupal

01 October, 2023
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Lee Rowlands has shared a fortnightly update on the progress of a decoupled Layout Builder powered by React in the Pitchburgh Diaries published in Previous Next. This initiative, stemming from DrupalCon Pittsburgh, focuses on enhancing Layout Builder in the core and creating a decoupled version. Rowlands collaborated with fellow contributors, including Drupal core's product manager Lauri Eskola, to align their work with long-term goals for Drupal's page-building experience.

The update outlines their efforts, including Sprint 1 & 2 where they evaluated JSON:API for creating a persistence layer, designing a tailored API, and setting up local development for front-end developers. They also discuss their choice of a drag-and-drop library, react-beautiful-dnd, for enhanced user experience in layout editing. Furthermore, Rowlands delves into the data model design in React, highlighting how it aligns with Drupal's concepts.

This insightful update provides a comprehensive overview of the team's work on the decoupled Layout Builder, shedding light on the challenges and progress made in bringing this project to fruition—access "The Pitchburgh Diaries - decoupled Layout Builder Sprint 1 & 2," to learn more.

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