The Needs Review Queue Bot is a Needs Review Queue Initiative project. Join the Drupal Slack channel, #needs-review-queue-initiative, to learn more about the initiative. The initiative goal is to reduce the number of issues needing a review, which was 2600 when the initiative started.

The Needs Review Queue Bot performs limited testing on issues marked "Needs review". The Drupal CI does not automatically test these issue. One reason is that the cost of doing a full test run on these issues every 48 hours would be prohibitive.

The Needs Review Queue Bot only tests if a patch or MR applies to the issue target branch and runs Drupal's commit checks. If either of these steps fails, the bot will add a comment and mark the issue "Needs work".

Some issues must stay at "Needs review" despite the existing patch or MR being outdated. In these cases, add the tag "no-needs-review-bot". The Needs Review Queue Bot ignores issues with the tag, "no-needs-review-bot".

This is a temporary measure. We hope that DrupalCI or GitLab CI adds similar automated re-linting for needs review issues.

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