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Adding dashboards in Drupal serves multiple purposes. For site builders, it enables them to create customized dashboards tailored to editors' specific needs, enhancing their editing experience. Additionally, having clear task journeys for different roles helps site builders become more proficient in Drupal.

The system allows users to have multiple roles and perform diverse tasks. Originally, each role had a dedicated dashboard, but it evolved to grant users access to various dashboards based on task groups, not just roles. This flexibility ensures users can seamlessly switch between different roles and tasks, with unlimited dashboard options. Permissions control access to these dashboards for different roles, promoting efficient task management and user adaptability.

Moreover, dashboards can contribute to improving the security of Drupal applications. By highlighting security update requirements on the dashboard and providing easy access to updates and Drupal project news, site administrators can promptly address security concerns, reducing potential risks and associated costs.

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