Christian López Espínola (penyaskito)

* Software Engineer with a vast experience in different technologies, focused on Drupal and its ecosystem since 12 years ago. 
* Expertise in projecting client solutions into open source contributions. I’ve helped a number of companies to gain visibility among the Drupal community through contributions to its ecosystem.
* Seasoned speaker in both international audiences and local communities.
* Motivated mentor for other team members in their daily tasks and their Drupal contributions.
* Experience in working remotely and asynchronously, including coordination with US-based and NZ-based teams and customers from Europe.

An accomplished Drupal expert and dynamic speaker at numerous DrupalCamps and DrupalCons

Spoken at several DrupalCamps and DrupalCons.


An employee-owned company of friendly, creative problem solvers who love challenges and approach every project with curiosity and commitment.Lullabot is a strategy, design and Drupal development company started in 2006 by Matt Westgate and Jeff Robbins with the initial goal of helping organizations do projects with Drupal. Lullabot built some of the first household-name Drupal sites and has created some of the largest and most well-known digital experience platforms using Drupal.Lullabot, a Drupal training providing company, has supported 242 Drupal projects and was credited for 2...