2 Weeks is Too Long - On Demand Feature Deployments with Drupal

Florida DrupalCamp 2024
Florida DrupalCamp / X
24 Feb 2024, 11:00 am
45 minutes

Join in exploring our approach to feature deployments in Drupal that shortens the release cycle and enhances flexibility. Learn how to empower your development team to deliver on-demand features, making "2 weeks" a thing of the past.

What We Will Cover:

Challenges of traditional 2+ week deployment cycles and their impact on development agility.
Introduction to a modern approach for on-demand feature deployments in Drupal.
Leveraging feature flags and configuration management to facilitate rapid releases.
Practical strategies to ensure code quality, compatibility, and user experience.
Real-world success stories showcasing the benefits of shorter release cycles.

Key Takeaways:

Understand the limitations of traditional feature deployment timelines.
Explore the concept of on-demand feature deployments and its advantages.
Learn techniques to implement feature flags and streamline configuration management.
Acquire insights into maintaining code quality with rapid development.
Discover how embracing on-demand feature deployments can enhance development efficiency and user satisfaction in Drupal projects.