Dear community,

On this occasion it is our colleague Leandro Mesa who proposes a workshop called: Migration of content and entities with Migrate API.

In this talk you will see how to migrate content from Drupal 9 to 10 using the migrate API, you will see examples of migrating users, nodes, blocks, images, taxonomies, menus, paragraphs and the use of drush.

We will follow the following index:

- What is migrate API: brief summary to get into context
- Contributed modules for migration with csv: Various modules to migrate using csv
- Node migration: A simple example of node migration with basic fields, title, body, description
- Migration of images and multimedia: the migration of images will be carried out, for this an image will be added to the previous content
- Vocabulary migration: taxonomy terms were migrated
- Paragraph migration: you will see how to migrate an entity like this as a field of a content with the possibility of it being multiple
- Block migration: same as the node case, but only for specific fields
- Menu migration: we will migrate a menu with its link
- User migration: simple migration of users using bcrypt

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