Drupal Meetup London: Drupal Decoupled Menus Using Handlebars + Community Story


Ready to take your Drupal decoupling game to the next level?

Join us for a deep dive into leveraging Handlebars, a lightweight JavaScript templating tool, to create decoupled menus easily in decoupled, headless, or progressive decupled applications with Marcelo Vani.

If you are familiar with Twig, you'll find Handlebars' syntax intuitive and easy to work with, making it an excellent choice for Drupal backend developers.

In this session, we'll walk you through a live demonstration of implementing a decoupled Admin toolbar using Handlebars in three simple steps. Say goodbye to complex package management and compilation headaches – Handlebars streamline the process, making it accessible to developers of all skill levels.

You can use this opportunity to unlock the power of decoupled Drupal and streamline your development workflow with Handlebars.

Following this, we will have a project showcase and a story from a group of Suffolk residents with various skills and enthusiasm. They have completed three innovative local history projects using Drupal with plenty of public involvement and praise from respected local historians and local history groups: StreetStroll, Our Fallen and SkyLine. Hear more from Joe Thompson about the importance of the projects and how Drupal has helped with these exciting and impactful projects.

Join us at The Children's Society office in London on the 26th (Tuesday) for an engaging session packed with practical insights and an informative and actionable Drupal Meetup this March 2024!