DrupalCollab: How big is the Drupal Community?

DrupalCollab: How big is the Drupal Community?

The Drop Times was started with a vision of contributing to the growth of the Drupal Community. But how do you know you are contributing to the community's growth if you don’t know how big the Drupal community is?

There is no clear boundary for what we call the Drupal community that we can easily measure online. However, we thought that LinkedIn would be a good place to get some numbers around people who have something to do with Drupal.

We used LinkedIn Sales Navigator and searched for the keyword “Drupal”. This would bring up all users who have Drupal in their profile. There will be false positives (where people are no longer involved with Drupal) and false negatives (where people in other functional areas in companies and projects around Drupal have not mentioned Drupal in the profile).

In the analysis below, we have used “Drupal community” and “Drupal People” instead of “the number of search results on LinkedIn for the keyword "Drupal.” This is not accurate, but it is convenient for presenting the findings. Kindly excuse this.

Initial Findings

The search for the keyword “Drupal” brings back 280k results.

280000 people 

(There is a resolution error of 1000 because LinkedIn shows the result count with a resolution of 1000 for numbers above 1000)

This number need not necessarily mean they are all Drupal developers or that they are all still working with Drupal, but it is a good indicative number as we progressively measure the community's growth.

Where are all these Drupal people located?

Once we found this number, we wanted to understand where exactly these people are located. Understanding this is critical to deciding how we go ahead and mobilize support for local events and activities toward bringing a new generation of Drupal users into the community.

We re-did the search by filtering for the key regions (continents). These were the findings.

RegionDrupal People on LinkedInPercentage
North America11000036.30%
South America120003.96%

Again, there are round-off errors, and there would also be errors tied to how LinkedIn tracks these regions. So, this total does not exactly match the search result for just the keyword search on Drupal. That should still be fine since the error would be spread, and the percentages would still be indicative.

72% of the Drupal community is spread evenly between North America and Europe; the rest of the world has the remaining 28%.

Pie Chart of Drupal People Across the World


What are the sizes of the Drupal communities in the different countries?

Having found the distribution of the Drupal community across the different regions, we wanted to see this at a more granular level, at a country level. The findings were interesting.

50% of the Drupal community is spread across three countries - the United States, India, and France. Here are the top 11 countries and they account for 75% of the community.

CountryDrupal People on LinkedInPercentage
United States9400031.12%
United Kingdom170005.63%

More analysis

We are doing more slicing and dicing on these numbers and will share more details soon. Stay tuned. Follow us on LinkedIn.

Note: The vision of this web portal is to help promote news and stories around the Drupal community and promote and celebrate the people and organizations in the community. We strive to create and distribute our content based on these content policy. If you see any omission/variation on this please let us know in the comments below and we will try to address the issue as best we can.

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