Front-end Developer at Promet Source


Company : Promet Source
Location : US
Salary : | Job type : Contract, Telecommute/Remote
Experience : N/A


Promet is looking to hire a Front End Developer with Site Studio Experience to work with its established team of Drupal professionals. The Front End Developer is responsible for the creation of the front end theme of a website from design files provided by the design team as well as work in  Site Studio.  We are looking for a 40 hour per week contractor with great organizational and interpersonal skills that is experienced and driven toward code excellence anywhere in the US or Canada to work remotely with our team. 


  • Work in teams to help build and develop the front end of websites
  • Contribute to open source projects such as themes on or front-end libraries
  • Help the team to maintain highest standards and best practices
  • Help the team implement accessible web pages
  • Site Studio



  • Site Studio Experience
  • Expert knowledge of semantic HTML markup
  • Ability to write and audit HTML for WCAG standards
  • Expert knowledge of CSS3 modules
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS, PostCSS)
  • Experience implementing BEM or similar methodology
  • Expert knowledge of front-end javascript
  • Experience writing custom javascript libraries for the web
  • Experience with a front-end framework (ie React, Vue etc)
  • Experience implementing javascript solutions for open source CMSs (Drupal, Wordpress)
  • Experience with setting up and implementing javascript linting tools
  • Experience with front-end testing frameworks
  • Experience with component library tools preferred (Storybook, Pattern Lab)


  • General understanding of project management principles. (Agile, Iterative, Waterfall)-
  • Strong work ethic, a drive for success and proactive attitude
  • Experience working in small teams
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills


Promet Source is a web design, development, and training company that provides dynamic solutions, creates innovative open source solutions, and ignites new digital possibilities. Their expertise lies in Drupal web development, Drupal Support, and Drupal Site audit. They support the Drupal community by contributing thousands of lines of community coding, attending presents at national and regional conferences, and sponsoring Drupal events. Promet Source also participates in community code sprints and works with Drupal Association and other companies on joint development initiatives...