Growing Together in the Drupal Land: The 'Learn Drupal' Initiative

Learn Drupal
Laura Haskell

One of the goals we have at TheDropTimes is to get more people to learn Drupal, and to reach this, we have initiated a project called "Learn Drupal."

Learning Drupal doesn't have to be a steep, uphill task. The journey can be manageable and genuinely enjoyable with the correct "map" at hand and knowing where to look for support.

Drupal Learning Curve

With the introduction of Drupal 8, the development landscape has undergone a substantial transformation. Drupal developers are no longer working in silos; the integration of modern PHP world standards and general programming best practices is evident. 

Notable features include adopting Symfony components for handling low-level details and utilizing design patterns such as dependency injection and event subscribers. The platform now supports comprehensive web service implementations with default JSON:API and robust GraphQL support.

For those leaning towards headless solutions, options abound, including NextDrupal, Contenta, and many others, strengthening Drupal's versatility. Modules such as the Layout Manager, Paragraph, Events, Conditions, Actions (ECA), Project Browser, and many more enhance the system's composability.

Learn Drupal

To facilitate a smooth entry into the Drupal ecosystem, we have curated over 12 resources strategically designed to guide newcomers on their learning path. A dedicated landing pageLearn Drupal lists all the essential training, books, and tutorials in the Drupal ecosystem.

We earnestly solicit your support to propel this initiative forward. If you stumble upon valuable resourcesbooks, tutorials, training, or webinarsthat could aid a budding developer, please share them with us to enrich our repository. We are also eager to hear your feedback on both the Learn Drupal landing page and the article that lists down the resources for those who wish to start their journey to the Drupal land.

In the coming times, we plan to host a webinar series to assist individuals keen on deepening their Drupal knowledge. Let us know if you are interested in joining this initiative with us. We anticipate your active participation and feedback to facilitate an enriching and inclusive learning environment.

Thank you,
The Team TDT