Drupal's Innovation and Future: Share Your Perspectives!

Drupal's success story is written by its community and its users. As the web landscape evolves, understanding the Drupal community's vision for ensuring Drupal is important. It remains innovative, adaptable, and inclusive. To get a pulse on where Drupal is headed, The DropTimes is launching a special project to gather insights directly from people in the Drupal community and Drupal users. Your perspectives will shape a series of articles focused on "Drupal's Innovation and Future: 2024 and Beyond." In our first article, we connected with diverse experts exploring challenges and opportunities. Now, it's your turn!

We want to hear YOUR thoughts on Drupal's potential! We've  created a short questionnaire delving into topics like:

  • Possibilities and trends you envision for Drupal
  • Drupal's adoption and technical challenges
  • How Drupal can best navigate the rise of AI technologies
  • Attracting and nurturing new talent within the community
  • Ensuring Drupal remains an inclusive and welcoming space

Your perspective matters – we value your input

How to Participate

Take a few minutes to share your thoughts on Drupal's future! Fill out our form here: [Drupal's Innovation and Future: 2024 and Beyond (google.com)]

Your answers will directly shape our article series and contribute to a broader community dialogue on Drupal's evolution.

"Drupal is a hugely decentralized community, and the way innovation happens in Drupal is also decentralized." - Alex Moreno Lopez, Drupal Association

Let's keep this collaborative spirit strong as we navigate Drupal's journey into 2024 and beyond!

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