Lytics customer data platform enables marketers to build personalized digital experiences and 1-to-1 marketing campaigns by focusing on behavioral data and combining it with our advanced data science and machine learning decision engine. In a world where brands need to compete with Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify, Lytics help them thrive.

Craft highly personalized experiences based on behavior and intent, not just demographics.

With Lytics Decision Engine — a data activation tool built for marketers — easily unlock the deep, actionable customer insights needed to drive 1:1 marketing experiences at scale.

Decision Engine offers hundreds of connections, bringing your entire MarTech ecosystem into alignment.

Spend smarter, connect more, and engage with intention. No coding needed.

Decision Engine provides advanced machine learning insights on shoppers’ interests, affinities, types of behaviors, and engagement level. This kind of intelligence not only supports meaningful personalization, but provides in-depth customer insight that’s 20x more predictive of customer action than demographic data alone.

This can all be done in real-time, without code or SQL statements, on our speedy, easy-to-use platform.

Trusted by industry leaders, top enterprises, and best-in-class brands, Lytics makes customer data your company’s superpower. Lytics customer data platform (CDP) unifies your customer data into a complete profile, provides deep behavioral insights, and automates workflows, like ad targeting, in real-time.

If your customer data is underperforming when your business needs it the most, unlock its potential, drive ROI, and strengthen your customer relationships with Lytics.