Märt Matsoo (mmatsoo)

Years of being the in-house "web guy" at the Heart and Stroke Foundation followed by three years at the Estonian Foreign Ministry where I started working with Drupal. Since then I have worked on Drupal projects at TVO, CGI, K2 Digital and the Estonian Government Office. Currently a Drupal developer at Chromatic.

Specialties: Drupal and seeing things from a user's point-of-view.

Senior Developer in Tallinn, Estonia

Hewn from the granite of the Canadian Shield located just north of his hometown Toronto, Märt began working with computers in earnest in 1999 and introduced himself to Drupal in 2008. By that time he’d left Toronto to live in Estonia, the land of his forefathers. Stints with the Estonian government and as an independent contractor galvanized his ever-increasing expertise in Drupal.

Joining Chromatic in 2015, Märt brought his Drupal experience along with a jack-of-all internet trades skill set to the team, having dabbled in back-end, front-end, usability testing, client training, web metrics, and server administration. He takes client satisfaction to heart and appreciates Chromatic’s goal of delighting our clients.

Outside of his laptop, Märt enjoys spending time with his kids and friends, bonus points for that time being spent traveling! Closer to home, he’ll settle for riding his bike, experimenting with home renovations and sitting down amongst the chaos with a good book.

Canadian-born to Estonian parents, have bounced between Toronto and Tallinn for work and life.

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