Seamless Migration of Drupal 7 to Modern Drupal: A Success Story

In a recent blog post by Märt Matsoo shared by Chromatic, the author highlights the streamlined process of migrating from Drupal 7 to Modern Drupal in 2023. The blog post explores the author's experience running a migration from an older Drupal 7 site to a fresh Drupal 10 instance, showcasing the remarkable ease and efficiency of the out-of-the-box migration capabilities.

While reviewing older Drupal 8 migration content for accuracy, the author decided to delve into the migration process in Drupal 10, which they refer to as "Modern Drupal." Armed with a Drupal 7 site and an inquisitive mindset, they set out to explore the migration functionality and its advancements.

To their surprise, the author found that the migration process from Drupal 7 to Modern Drupal was incredibly swift and hassle-free. Within a matter of minutes, they transformed a blank Modern Drupal site into a functional, albeit basic, website populated with content directly imported from Drupal 7. This success story serves as a testament to the significant improvements in the migration tools and workflows available in the latest Drupal versions.

While this seamless migration experience may not apply universally to all Drupal users, it is a powerful reminder that upgrading Drupal doesn't always have to be arduous. The evolving tools and features of the platform have simplified the process, making it more efficient and impressive than ever before.

It is recommended to read the entire blog post to delve deeper into the details and gain a comprehensive understanding of the Drupal 7 to Modern Drupal migration process

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