Fred Kroket (wouters_f)

Frederik Wouters is a versatile professional with a diverse background in enterprise architecture, software project management, web development, and team leadership. From crafting cutting-edge digital solutions to sprinkling innovation across projects, this seasoned adventurer has left their mark in various domains, including Drupal, AI, and continuous integration. With an uncanny ability to navigate through the realms of technology, this individual continues to evolve and leave their imprint on the digital enterprise.

Frederik is always eager to learn and is not afraid to pursue certifications, including scrum-master, Product owner, Prince 2, and TOGAF 9.2. He is a quick learner and has a deep interest in complex matters, making him an asset to any team he works with.

Worked KBC mainframe on critical software (pricing for banks).
Was passionate about solving problems since Iframes, tables & slicing.

Creator of momentum, passionate about the Digital Enterprise, technology and sports

Leuven, Belgium

Serverless Drupal in production. What should you do/know? (DrupalCamp Ruhr Essen)
Drupal on K8s in production. How to enjoy the ride? (DrupaJam Utrecht)
Drupal and OpenAI (Drupal Day Portugal Aveiro)
Drupal on K8s in production. How to enjoy the ride? (Drupalcamp Spain Sevilla)

Layout builder, past present and future (Drupal dev days)
Hyper personalisation in the ERA of GDPR (Drupaljam Rotterdam)
Hyper personalisation in the ERA of GDPR (BELTUG)
Keynote introduction (Drupalcon Europe)
Hands-on Unomi connection session (Drupalcon Europe)
Multiple sessions + keynote introduction (Drupalcon Portland USA)
Drupal on AKS Kubernetes (with GitHub actions) (Drupalcamp Lisboa)
Growing a business with Mautic (Mautic conference global)

Fully automated personalised campaign with Mautic (Mauticon Global)
Fully automated personalised campaign with Mautic (Mauticon Europe)
multiple sessions: Drupalcon USA

Open personalisation with apache unomi and Mautic (Drupalcon USA)

From 0 to 100 in Drupificial intelligence
Feed your chatbot Drupal data (php Leuven meetup)
Feed your chatbot Drupal data (Drupalcamp gent)
Feed your chatbot Drupal data (Drupal Europe)

Wireframes to live in 12 weeks (Business days Frankfurt)

Spatial search with elastic search (Drupalcamp)
Headless Drupal , advantages and disadvantages (Capgemini)

Websockets (Internal presentation)
HTTP1.1, SPDY and a bit of HTTP2 (Wieni)

Spatial search with Solr (Wieni + drupalcamp)

Drupal deployments and workflow (Drupalcamp Leuven)
Continuous integration for dummies (Internal presentation)

Varnish – reverse proxy for dummies (Drupalcamp)


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