Explore the Featured Sessions at Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Drupal Mountain Camp released an incredible lineup of sessions that cover a diverse range of topics. From blending Drupal and Mautic to exploring smartwatch development with Connect IQ and Drupal, there's something for everyone. Here's a glimpse into what each session has to offer:

Bringing Mautic and Drupal Closer Together in an Open DXP

Speaker: Dominique De Cooman
Duration: 50 minutes (including Q&A)
Overview: Explore how Drupal and Mautic can form the backbone of an open Digital Experience Platform (DXP). This session focuses on uniting communities, developers, and marketers.

Configuration validation, how we got here and what is in the future

Speaker: Joris Vercammen
Duration: 50 minutes (including Q&A)
Overview: Delve into the power of configuration schema, its history, new features in Drupal 10.1/10.2, and upcoming changes. Learn how validatable configuration paves the way for easier config forms and decoupled admin UIs.

Connect IQ and Drupal - building a smartwatch frontend

Speaker: Mikko Hämäläinen
Duration: 50 minutes (including Q&A)
Overview: Discover the intersection of Connect IQ and Drupal. Learn how to create a smartwatch application using Drupal as the backend, offering insights into the world of wearable technology.

Ethical AI, open source, and the software field

Speaker: Preston So
Format: Keynote
Overview: Explore the ethical considerations surrounding AI, its impact on open-source software, and navigating career paths in the evolving software industry.

Issue queue triage - a pragmatic guide to finding an issue to work on

Speaker: AmyJune Hineline
Duration: 50 minutes (including Q&A)
Overview: Gain practical insights into issue queue triage, helping contributors overcome the challenge of selecting the right issue to work on in the Drupal project.

Magic Comes from Pain: 4 Ways that Embracing Grit Will Help You Achieve the Impossible

Speaker: Tearyne Almendariz
Format: Keynote
Overview: Inspired by SyFy's "The Magicians," this talk explores four ways to embrace grit, drawing insights from works by Angela Duckworth and Cal Newport.

Running the internet, underfunded and under-staffed? How to achieve a sustainable open-source ecosystem

Speaker: Jutta Horstmann
Format: Keynote
Overview: Addressing the challenges of sustaining open-source ecosystems, the keynote showcases funding solutions and business models for economic sustainability.

WORKSHOP: Ask your Drupal site questions and get proper answers.

Speaker: Fred Kroket
Format: Workshop
Overview: Participants will install and configure modules, set up keys to index sites into a vector database, and ask content-related questions to Drupal.

Whether you're keen on technical talks, workshops, or thought-provoking keynotes, this event has everything. It's a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, expand your knowledge, and explore the latest developments in the Drupal ecosystem. Don't miss the chance to be part of this vibrant community gathering. Register now and embark on a journey of learning and collaboration at Drupal Mountain Camp!

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