Motoki Kobayashi

Born in Nara Prefecture. In my previous job, I was involved in financial system development, but I joined Studio Umi in May 2016 because I was originally interested in the web industry and wanted to deepen my knowledge of PHP. He is always conscious of how efficiently he can work, and his rapid development speed is highly regarded by both company members and clients. He moved from Osaka to Tokyo in 2016 as a founding member of the Tokyo office. He currently oversees the development team as the deputy manager of Studio Umi's division, and is also involved in development on the front lines himself. In addition to development using Java, JavaScript, and PHP, he is also good at infrastructure construction. While working hard to educate his juniors, he continues to aim for even greater heights as a full-stack engineer himself. 


Studio Umi
Studio Umi is part of the Nichikare Corporation IT Department.The Nichikare Corporation has been operating in Japan for over 30 years, and has over 500 employees.The IT department consists of 14 full time employees currently pursuing 2 ventures:Website design & development with Drupal: Studio UmiGame tournament management: CyACWith some of the best Drupal designers and developers in Japan, Studio Umi provides web solutions for our Japanese clients or foreign clients looking to make business in Japan.If you are interested having Drupal web development done by a Japanese firm, p...