Detailed Overview of the 2024 Drupal Developer Survey Results

Understanding the State of the Drupal Community
Detailed Overview of the 2024 Drupal Developer Survey Results

The annual Drupal Developer Survey, initiated by Jeff Geerling and Chris Urban and continued by Michael Richardson, has once again provided valuable insights into the state of the Drupal community worldwide. This year's survey, detailed in a comprehensive blog post by Michael Richardson on Ironstar, drew participation from 648 developers across 65 countries, with notable contributions from the United States, France, and India, which accounted for half of the responses.

Survey Methodology and Response Rate

This year, the survey underwent significant changes, expanding in scope and including translations into German and Spanish, which likely contributed to an increase in participation from these language groups. Despite being open for a shorter period and its increased length, the survey managed to capture a broad spectrum of data, albeit with around 200 fewer responses than the previous year. Japan, in particular, showed a remarkable growth in participation, with nearly three times as many responses compared to last year.


Linguistic Diversity

One of the standout features of this year's survey was its focus on linguistic diversity. A substantial 26% of the participants completed the survey in their native language or a language they are more fluent in, as there were expanded translation options. Richardson expressed deep gratitude towards Nicolas Loye, Jimmy Cann, Chris Wu, Alvaro Hurtado, and Niklas Franke, who volunteered their time to translate the survey, significantly enhancing its accessibility and reach. 

"It takes a fair bit of effort to put together a translation, and so I’m very grateful to the volunteers. If you want to help with a translation next year, please do let me know," 

Richardson stated, emphasizing the value of these efforts in reaching non-native English speakers.

The survey revealed that English remains the predominant language, spoken fluently by 46% of respondents, followed by French, German, Spanish and Japanese.


Demographics and Developer Experience

The survey highlighted a mature developer base, with 76% of participants aged between 30 and 49 and 15% over 50. Notably, there were no respondents under 21, pointing to a demographic gap that may impact the community's future sustainability. Experience levels among developers were high, with over 63% having more than ten years of experience with Drupal, underscoring the depth of expertise within the community.


Community Engagement and Sentiment

Community engagement remains strong, with about 65% of respondents participating in Drupal events over the past year. Despite a global decline in event attendance, the Drupal community's commitment to engagement and collaboration is evident. The survey also reflected a positive outlook on the future of Drupal, with nearly 80% expressing optimism. However, some regions, notably the United States, Australia, the UK, and Canada, showed stronger negative sentiments.


Technological Adoption and Challenges

The adoption of decoupled architectures continues to rise, with 60% of respondents working on headless Drupal sites—an increase from the previous year. 

The survey also indicated significant use of various integrated development environments (IDEs) and local environment managers, with DDEV emerging as the preferred choice following its official endorsement.


The Role of the Drupal Association

The survey brought to light varying levels of awareness and opinions about the Drupal Association, with many respondents indicating they had "no opinion," suggesting a need for the Association to enhance its visibility and communication efforts.


The 2024 Drupal Developer Survey offers an insightful glimpse into the practices, challenges, and sentiments of the Drupal community. As the community continues to evolve, the insights garnered from this survey will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping future strategies and initiatives aimed at fostering growth and innovation within the ecosystem.

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