Kenneth Ndzedzeni

Sr Drupal Developer | Tech-Innovator | Startups | Interested in Building Micro-Tech Communities and in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion |

Talks about #drupal, #community, #drupalcon, and #drupalcamp

I am an IT specialist. Experienced in Systems Engineering, Front End Development , Agile methodologies and DevOps. Led teams and insured successful deliveries of products following SDLC guidelines and Agile principles.

QA for Software and Web Applications and making sure applications reach their standard requirements.

With a passion in Entrepreneurship I am also interested in building Micro-Tech Communities around web Technologies.

• 4 years of experience in the DevOps industry in application configuration, code compilation, building, automating, managing and releasing code from one environment to the other and deploying to servers.
• 8 years of overall experience in web programming (SDLC), Scrum Master, Kanban, Search Engine Optimization Analyst and DevOps Engineer.
• Extended with widely successful Agile techniques such as User Stories, TDD, BDD
• Track and communicate Team velocity and sprints/release progress
• Worked with SAFe principles to ensure continuous flow of different teams.
• Built web applications using JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, Python, Laravel and CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla
• Experienced in Jenkins by installing, configuring and maintaining for purpose of continuous integration (CI) and for end to end automation for all build and deployment.
• Experienced in branching, merging and version control tools such as git and GitHub.
• Experienced in leading scrum teams and and tracking projects with tools such as Jira, confluence, Trello and slack. Also experienced in conducting scrum ceremonies and writing user stories.
• Organize and facilitates Scrum Ceremonies such as Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Reviews, Sprint panning and Sprint Retrospective.
• Experienced in creation of Docker containers and Docker consoles for managing the application life cycle.
• Experienced in creating Docker images using Docker files for easier replication of DEV and QA environments in local machines.
• Strong analytical problem-solving skills and can work with a team and also independently with little or no supervision.
• Hands on experience with EC2, S3, RDS
• Managed Amazon web services and Googles cloud services for several projects for administrative purposes.
Task management
Agile methodologies
Drupal through docker containers.
Pantheon Management
Docker and Aquia Cloud


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Adobe Dreamweaver,

Git, Github, VSCode