Octahedroid Releases New Preview Feature for Decoupled Drupal and NextJS

Octahedroid Releases New Preview Feature for Decoupled Drupal and NextJS

Octahedroid has introduced a significant update for developers utilizing Decoupled Drupal. The new feature enables the preview of content at various stages—whether published, unpublished, drafted, or revisioned—within NextJS applications. The innovation, spearheaded by Jesus Manuel Olivas, co-founder and CEO of Octahedroid and Composabase, is designed to enhance Drupal's integration with modern front-end frameworks.

This latest development addresses the growing demand among developers for improved functionality between Drupal, known for its strong content management capabilities, and front-end technologies such as Next.js. Octahedroid's commitment to streamlining the development process facilitates the creation of more dynamic and adaptable web applications.

Using Drupal in a headless configuration with a decoupled front end is becoming increasingly popular. This configuration combines Drupal's enterprise-quality CMS features with a superior development experience provided by cutting-edge technologies, including Remix, Next.js, and Astro.

Drupal Decoupled Home page
Drupal Decoupled Home

The repository released by Octahedroid provides crucial components for integrating Decoupled Drupal with various front-end frameworks. It contains examples of Drupal sites, modules, decoupled project examples, and npm packages that support this architecture. Developers looking to adopt this new feature can follow the setup instructions detailed on Octahedroid's GitHub repository, including steps for setting up a Drupal GraphQL demo site and demo projects for Next.js and Remix.

An instructional video has also been released detailing the features and showcasing the new ability to expand and collapse the offCanvas sidebar in the visual_editor Drupal module, improving the user experience for content editors.

This enhancement from Octahedroid is expected to significantly simplify the process of integrating Drupal with decoupled front-ends, offering better preview capabilities and streamlining content management workflows. Developers and other interested parties can access more details on implementation and view the tutorial video by visiting Octahedroid's official GitHub page and YouTube channel.

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