Anthony Horn

Web Developer at UC Davis. Hillsboro, Oregon, United States.

I am a designer, developer, UX stategist, web architect, and more. Currently working for UC Davis IET Web Dev team I play a wide variety of roles that make me ideal for many positions.

I am one of the primary creators of our client engagement process ( This process has shaped how we discover, estimate, plan, and execute enterprise level Drupal projects at the University. I have also pioneered a user experience discovery process that will allow us to integrate UX research into our process to build better products and create more data driven experiences.

I am one of the few full stack developers on our team that writes modules, themes, and manages our pattern library ( This means I use tools like PHP Storm, XDebug, Drush, Drupal Console, and Behat (Behavioral Testing). I work daily in GitHub, BitBucket, Jira, Acquia SiteFactory, and to manage code and repositories.

I take pride in being a leader and part of the web development community. In 2019 I persented at UC Tech and the Bay Area Drupal Camp. I was also part of the team that received a Sautter award for innovation in information technology.


UC Davis is the short form of University of California, Davis. UC Davis was founded in 1908 to serve the state of California. We do and we always will. And today, the seed that was planted those years ago has grown into one of the world’s top universities. Our talented students are more likely to collaborate than compete. This friendly approach has led to an incredibly rich campus community that turns big ideas into real solutions.

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