BADCamp 2022: Find the Thursday sessions at ‘Joy of Being’

BADCamp 2012 goodies are waiting in a table, image credit: Pedro Cambra
Pedro Cambra / flickr

Bay Area Drupal Camp is hosting 23 sessions of 45-minute duration covering two days across two parallel streams. Here are the six back-to-back sessions at ‘Joy of Being’ for the opening day. 

Kalaiselvan Swamy, Technical Architect at Axelerant, will talk about back-end development in the first session. The session will be from 9.00 am to 9.45 am today. His subject: The Big Leap - Picking The Right Drupal journey towards Drupal 10

The proceeding session is about a community initiative that has attracted many eyeballs. Leslie Glynn, project manager at Redfin Solutions, who Co-leads the Project Browser Strategy Initiative, will talk about what’s new with the project. The session starts at 10.00 am. 

The third session in ‘Joy of Being’ is a primer about Front End/Decoupled solutions. Jesus Manuel Olivas, CEO of Octahedroid will talk about ‘Improving the DX using GraphQL’ starting at 11.00 am. The speaker will also be giving a training session on the final day on a related subject. 

After each session, there will be a 15 minutes break which can be utilized as an interactive time. The camp will have an hour for the lunch break at 12’O clock. 

At 1.00 pm, Kyle Einecker, senior technical architect at Perficient, will ask, ‘Why is building components in Drupal so difficult?’. The session is tagged Front End/Decoupled. 

The afternoon session at 2.00 pm will have a UX & Design talk by Anthony Horn, IET Web Dev at UC Davis. His session: 'Building a User Experience Improvement Process for Higher Education.'

The final session on day one at ‘Joy of Being’ is about being human. Cori Neslund, Agile Project Manager at, would advise, ‘Let’s Get Uncomfortable: How to Ask For and Process Feedback.’ 

(Image credit: Pedro Cambra/Flickr. Location: BAD Camp 2012)

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