Anne Bonham (banoodle)

A versatile full-stack web developer with extensive Drupal and core web technology experience, including responsive design & theming. I also possess fluency with automated testing tools (Selenium, casperjs/phantomjs, wraith, simpletest), development tools (git, Docker, Composer, Drush, etc.) and Agile project methodologies.

Currently working as a Drupal Tech Lead at Kanopi. I have been Drupaling for almost 10 years. I bring my background in Library Science to the community and love working on big content migration projects and extending Drupal's capabilities with backend code.

Drupal Contributions: 

Guide maintainer for D7 Forms API on
Volunteered at BADCamp 2015 and 2018
Mentored at MIDCamp 2019
Conducted Drupal training sessions
Provide support on stackexchange and drupalanswers
Evangelize Drupal to interested developers and potential end-users


Kanopi Studios
Kanopi Studios is a women-led and family-owned business. Anne Stefanyk started Kanopi in 2013 with her sister Jill Taiji. They have offices in Canada and the United States and their services include research and discovery, content strategy, user experience, website design, development, and support.Kanopi Studios designs and builds Drupal and WordPress websites ranging from single-paged static websites to feature-rich, highly complex ones. Kanopi Studios have designers developers and project managers working remotely from all over North America.Kanopi Studios clientele include Inte...

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