BADCamp 2022: Friday Sessions at ‘Joy of Being’

07 October, 2022
Illumination lettering BADCAMP at the venue of Bay Area Drupal Camp 2022
BADCamp 2022/Google Photos

The first day of this year’s BADCamp is over. Here is a rundown of what is in store for the second day of the Bay Area Drupal Camp at Berkeley, CA. 

As mentioned earlier, the camp is divided into various streams. A total of 23 45-minute presentations are happening parallel in two rooms apart from the two training sessions, four physical summits, and one virtual summit. We have already published Thursday’s schedule, and here is the schedule for Friday from the ‘Joy of Being’ hall. 

At 9.00 am, Sadam Afridi, a freelance Drupal Developer working in Belgium, will deliver his session on ‘Exploring the Layout Builder Module in Drupal 9.’ The session is on Back-end Development. 

Steve Zipfel, Director of Technology at Promet Source, will deliver the second session at 10.00 am. He will take on Promet Source’s Drupal distribution, ‘Provus.’ The session is titled, ‘Provus - No Code / Low Code in an instant.’ 

Jody Hamilton, Web Development Manager at Renesas Electronics, and Janez Urevc (slashrsm), a senior performance engineer at Tag1, will jointly present the forenoon session at 11.00 am, titled ‘Advanced Render Cache Debugging.’

After the hour-long web break, Mark Casias (Markie), Tech Lead for Kanopi Studio, would talk about ‘Progressively Decoupling Drupal with React.’ The session that starts at 1.00 am is marked Front End/Decoupled. 

The last session in this hall will be the 2’O clock talk provided by Jen Lampton, co-founder of Backdrop CMS who also runs Jeneration Web Development and Carrie Delucchi, Web designer & developer at Peak Digital. Their conversation tagged project management will cover ’How to build a high-quality user-centered government website on time and on budget.’
There will only be five sessions on Friday at this hall. 

[Cover image credit: Anne Bonham/BADCamp 2022 Google Pixel Stream]

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