Three Promoted As Full Drupal Mentoring Coordinators

Brian Gilbert, Chris Darke, and Amy June (Volkswagenchick) have been promoted from the provisional status to become full Drupal mentoring coordinators. This is in recognition of their service to the Drupal community.

Drupal Community

The vibrant Drupal community is the secret behind the success of Drupal. Drupal is used, built, taught, documented, and marketed by the Drupal community: A diverse group of people united by and for a common interest (Drupal Open Source) and shared value system, fair and respectful.

Role of Mentoring Coordinator

Drupal core mentoring coordinators take care of mentoring strategy, mentor recruitment, and mentor-mentoring. They work on contributor tools, documentation, and processes, to make it easier for new contributors to get involved. They organize communications and logistics.

Main responsibilities of Mentoring Coordinators

  •  Organizing mentoring at DrupalCons
  • Responding to inquiries about mentoring to local organizers
  • Communicating the principles of mentoring
  • Mentoring other mentors

They are accountable for: 

  • Mentoring strategy, mentor recruitment, and mentor-mentoring
  • Contributor tools, documentation, and process facilitation/administration
  • Contributor process, documentation, and tool improvements
  • Communications
  • Logistics
  • Active participation as a mentor


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