Mastodan Has Found a Surge of Twitter Users After Takeover

Users switch from Twitter to Mastodan

As the saying goes Some change is Good, but too much change can create chaos. The same can be said for Mastodon, a micro-blogging app that received a gush of ex-twitter users.

Recently with the Twitter takeover, many of its users have been seeking alternatives, and Mastodon is one such platform that was the beneficiary. An article by the BBC writes that this social media network now has 655,000 users, with around 230,000 joining last week.

So what and where did this mystery platform come from, and what is it? Mastodon is a free, open-source software that runs self-hosted social networking services. Mastodon is a federated social media platform with decentralized instances which can follow cross-platform. It means, a user in one instance can be followed using another. The logo is a representation of a Mammoth hence the name Mastodon.

It was created by developer Eugen Rachko and is six years old. The 2016 platform is known to have features similar to Twitter, and account users write posts called ‘toots.’

Users can tag other users, share media and even follow accounts, and although that was one of the reasons to attract a surge of users, Mastodon has been known to have login problems.

The Hindu explains that the Mastodon is decentralized, and rather than being controlled by a CEO, its users pick “servers” which host their data and let them access the same platform. To learn in detail about how Mastodon work, click here.

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