Agency and Business Track on Day 3 of DrupalCon Prague

Track Agency and Business
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Day 3 at DrupalCon Prague was a success. Here is the complete list of the agency and business sessions and events that took place on day 3.

A bitter-sweet MVP: the Holy Grail of the agile development

An MVP approach is always challenging. Sometimes it is difficult  to start with just enough features to be usable by the customers. Presenters Paulina Ryters,client Service Director FFW Agency and Thomas Hausstein, Head of Platform at Leica Camera AG,with Marco Lunger who is a Global Digital Manager at Leica Camera AG ,they discuss their  process and answer some of the crucial questions The also share some insights about how to build and maintain a strong business bond based on trust, expertise, and dedication. 


A communications Playbook to grow your agency

In this session, we’ll show you what content you need and how to structure it to make a positive impact on your business
You’ll leave this session with a structure and methodology to help see your site in a new light and where you might help it help you.


Diversity is a digital superpower – how an inclusive approach delivers better Drupal design projects

Listen to Presenter Danny Bluestone that talks about different aspects of diversity, age, gender, race, disability and neurodiversity to class and geography . Demonstrating with real-world examples why this helps deliver global Drupal products at scale, enabling organisations to bring their brand to digital life. And, how we must embed an inclusive culture of continuous improvement in project processes to unlock the true value of diversity.



Drupal Certified Partners + Supporting Partners Roundtable

Engage with the Drupal Association team and learn more about our most recent piloted program; the Drupal Certified Partner Program. This is an elevated level of involvement and support of the Drupal Association and the Drupal Project spun from our current Supporting Partner program.

Mind the last 20%!!!

In this session Presenter Benoit De Vos, CEO of WebstanZ intends to spend time analysing the reasons behind this unexpected overrun, survey other agencies to verify if they have the same experiences and share tips and tricks to avoid it and keep global control.

My way or Highway: best Practices for effective team management

In this session, the speakers will share their experiences in building high-performance Content and Project teams. They will share tips to focus on maintaining clear communication, alignment, and extreme accountability.

Improving the digital experiences for your employees.

In this talk, The speaker covers five areas where you probably haven’t considered using your existing tech stack for the benefit of your own team, and shares ways to delight them using business intelligence gained from your Drupal website and Mautic instance.

Cross Functional Teams

During this session, The speaker covers the basics of Cross Functional teams, provides a deep dive into transition plans and discusses struggles this concept holds.


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:

How partnering with other agencies grew my company In this session Cellar Door goes through how they aproach agency partnerships, how to ensure they succeed, and how to manage the client expectations throughout the process.By learning to collaborate, you can grow your business and build sustainable revenue pipelines that can weather even the worst of times.

Global Drupal Business Survey:

Exclusive Learnings & Insights In this interactive session, Janne Kalliola (founder of digital agency Exove and one of the people behind the Drupal CEO Survey) shares the results of the survey and goes in-depth, with plenty of room for input and thoughts from the audience.

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