Call for Updating Drupal Code of Conduct

Over the last few months, a group of Drupal community members from the Community Health Team has been working on updates to the Drupal Code of Conduct with the assistance of a diverse group of community leaders and stakeholders worldwide. It is a work in progress toward creating a much safer space for its members, contributors, and attendees. A detailed blog post about this move is available here.

The draft version of that updated Code of Conduct is now available for community review.

Community members shall provide constructive, actionable feedback in the Community Working Group's issue queue or share their thoughts privately via this form before November 30, 2022.

Feedback will be reviewed by the Code of Conduct committee to inform of any changes to the draft document before it is finalized and shared with the Community Working Group before adoption.

Who was involved in developing the updated Code of Conduct draft?

This effort was led by a group of Community Health Team members

George DeMet, Julian Taylor, Jordana Fung, Mark Casias Donna Bungard, Mike Anello

The Drupal Code of Conduct (DCOC) is a shared ideal concerning conduct. It is an expression of ideals and not a rule book. It is a way to communicate our existing values to the entire community.

The current Code of Conduct was adopted in 2010 and last revised in 2014. In the previous five years, the Community Working Group (CWG), responsible for maintaining the document, has received consistent feedback that the Code of Conduct should be updated to be more precise and actionable.

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