Mastodon Setup for the Drupal Community

21 November, 2022

Drupal users need their own new centralized social network server software, therefore Drupal volunteers have built the first Drupal-focused module "Mastodon" instance. It's a microblogging platform which allows you to set up your instance, and still interact with users on a different domain. This module provides the same services as the Twitter Module. 

If you want to help out during the private beta, request to join at and provide feedback. Registration to open soon!

  • Associate one or more Mastodon accounts with their Drupal user account.
  • List toots in different ways thanks to Views.
  • A Field type, with its Formatter.
  • Format Mastodon @usernames and #hashtags as links to the Mastodon instance.
  • Post to own Mastodon account or a site-wide Mastodon account

Mastodon started in 2016 as open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services. It was project by Eugen Rochko. Rochko has been an avid user since 2008, dissatisfied with the state and direction of Twitter. Believing that instant global communications were too crucial for modern society to belong to a single commercial company, he sought to build a user-friendly microblogging product that would not belong to any central authority, but remain practical for everyday use.

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