Drupal Chicago MidCamp 2023 Planning

19 December, 2022

Midwest Drupal Camp (MidCamp) 2023 is just round the corner and conducting an event like this needs strategic planning. Drupal Chicago is coming together to plan for the 2023 MidCamp on Friday December 23, 2022 at 2:30 AM to 3:30 AM IST.

What should you expect? Since there are a lot of roles and skill sets needed to put on a conference like MidCamp. Regardless of what you do day-to-day, you can find a fit. Join them to start planning for Mid Camp 2023 even if you do not live in Chicago, the meeting will take place online, link will be visible registered meetup members.

Midwest Drupal Camp (MidCamp) is an annual event held in Chicago (virtual in 2020 & 2021) that brings together people who use, develop, design, and support the Web’s leading content management platform, Drupal.

Call for Speakers

MidCamp has hosted over 300 sessions since 2014 and we want to add your talk to that number. We’re looking for talks geared toward beginner through advanced Drupal users, as well as end users and business owners. Please see our session tracks page for full descriptions of the kinds of talks we are looking for. Join our Speaker Workshop if you want to bounce around some ideas.

Submit a session now!

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