Implement Real Continuous Delivery Using Code Studio

Imagine being able to implement real continuous delivery to Drupal without any regression. Acquia has provided fully automated code delivery to production through Code Studio. Code Studio makes that possible by offering the ability to implement real Continuous Delivery.

To know the simple steps for implementing real continuous delivery for Drupal, follow the blog presented by Matthew Grasmick.

Unlike every other continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), customers don’t need to build their own CI/CD process. Code Studio develop and manage it so it’s always up to snuff with the latest best practices.  Review environments can be served to you on a silver platter. Approval can be enforced and deployment can be fully automated. Your Drupal code will be of higher quality, more stable, and more secure. When a new feature is ready, it can ship with a single button click.  Merge the code and it goes straight to production. Code Studio enables you to embrace Continuous Delivery and create a virtuous cycle that lets's evolve toward greater productivity.

Going faster in the world of development actually reduces risk. Increasing automation means less human error. Making changes more often means that each change is smaller and has a lower risk. Reducing bugs and incidents in turn creates more time for more innovation and value. 

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