When Drupal Focuses on Digital Experience

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18 January, 2023

The complexity of building and maintaining a website requires strong technical acumen and patience to learn new tools and technologies. With the introduction of user interface and user experience design (UI & UX), the intricacy involved in content management systems have been relaxed a lot. For someone looking from the outside, Drupal 10 focuses more on front-end web development, which integrates a theme starter kit to help organizations quickly build a customized layout. Changes in the front-end are what non-technology people notice and thus attract new users. 

“We put a lot of effort into making Drupal more approachable and accessible for ambitious site builders,” 

Dries Buytaert, Founder of Drupal and CTO of Acquia, once remarked.

The traditional approach to building a website is to have a CMS used for a dynamic website. But since the emergence of a headless CMS, which is a decoupling of managing the content from the front end, they also have been primarily associated with Jamstack deployments, which rely heavily on JavaScript to enable web content delivery.

“The omnichannel nature of where the world is going is such that we have to publish content, not just the websites, but to any digital channel including mobile, digital kiosks and chatbots,”

Buytaert said.

One of the key improvements in the Drupal 10 release is a new editing experience for content. The new CKEditor 5 provides a rich text editor framework that is designed to make it easier for users to work with text. It helps non-specialists to appreciate the work with Drupal’s backend development too. 

The open-source Drupal community is still working on new features that are not a part of Drupal 10, like ‘Recipes,’ to make it easier for organizations to compose bespoke Drupal deployments that integrate a customized set of modules and configurations.

It is always lovely to read what others say about Drupal, especially technology websites that are not that much into Drupalverse. Although Drupal is used for a small percentage of web projects, some of the world’s most intricate web assets use Drupal’s DXP capabilities. Industry-specific spin-offs, such as FarmOS, LocalGov Drupal, GovCMS, etc., are there to cater to specific needs. 

Following the release of Drupal 10, Sean Michael Kerner, a freelance tech journalist, published a story in VentureBeat, a website that reports on enterprise technology. More inputs on Drupal 10 and its features can be read in this story published in VentureBeat.com. 

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