Reasons to Migrate to the New Version of Drupal

The sharp contrast between the time-lined release of Drupal 9 and 10 can cause upgrading to be a little tedious for some. Patti Cardiff Director of Support Services at Promet Source, explains in her recent blog that Drupal’s current Symfony dependency is the reason for this shortened gap between the release of the two versions. If the “so what?” question pops up, here are a few reasons to explain that.

If a Symfony version is on the brink of end-of-life, it applies a start of an upgrade for Drupal. Since Drupal 9 is based on Symfony 4 and CKEditor 4, their end of life meant an end of Drupal Community support for Drupal 8, and so on.

Patti spells out that it is crucial to remember that if Drupal’s fast pace is a source of frustration, this is simply a reflection of the digitally-driven environment that powers our world. Are you one of those who are reluctant to upgrade your CMS? Yes, migrating to a new version of Drupal requires patience and curiosity to explore new features and components in the platform. The blog gives eight concise reasons to keep a site up to date.

Every new software version introduces advanced tools and modules and more security add-ons, and your website will undoubtedly profit from significant performance enhancements.

Upgrades and website maintenance are not something that can be delayed. The impact of delayed upgrades is more of a snowball effect as bug fixes and incompatibilities between modules and current versions become increasingly complicated to unravel.

Reference: Patti CardiffAre You Suffering from Drupal Upgrade Fatigue?

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