Drupal CMS Syncs Well with GIS Software: Italo Mairo

27 January, 2023

Italo Mairo

Drupal naturally translates GIS software features into the CMS Web product, where it is common to add properties to controlled geometric things, said Italo Mairo, GIS expert and maintainer and contributor of several GIS related modules. He was talking to The Drop Times (TDT) editor-in-chief, Sebin Abraham Jacob, in an exclusive interview granted to us. 

Passionately a digital cartographer, Italo has worked on complex multimedia ITC projects applied to Engineering, Architecture, Urban and Land Use Planning, Territorial Marketing, Virtual Archaeology, Digital Publishing, and e-Commerce. He is a Senior Drupal/Php/Js Web Solutions Architect, Expert of Digital Communication, Web and Web Gis 2.0. He is also the official maintainer of Geofield stack modules for Drupal  (Geofield, Geofield Map, Leaflet and Geocoder); and of Layout Paragraphs module for Drupal. Currently a Web Architect for the European Commission, he had also worked as a Senior Drupal Web Solutions Architect for the UN. 

While sharing his experiences with Drupal with TDT, Italo pointed out some of the Drupal modules he has developed, like Leaflet, Geofield Map, and Geocoder, to name a few. He is an active contributor to the Drupal community and likes to work on bug fixes, support and feature requests.

Drupal does not present itself as an alternative (or competitor) to such dedicated and professional Web GIS engines, but rather at the top, a robust open-source CMS solution, increasingly open to integration with third-party tools and new technologies.

Italo explains. 

The full text of the interview will be published in The Drop Times on 28th January 2023. Stay tuned.

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