2024 Drupal Developer Survey Seeks Global Input to Shape the Future

The Drupal developer community is once again invited to share their insights and experiences in the 2024 Drupal Developer Survey (formerly known as the Drupal Local Development Survey). After a brief hiatus, the survey, originally initiated by Jeff Geerling and Chris Urban in 2018, was revived in 2023 by Ironstar. The annual survey provides Drupal users, tool developers, hosting providers, and the generally curious with a unique insight into the tools and processes that Drupal developers all over the world use to help them build great Drupal experiences. 

In 2023, the survey had almost a thousand responses from all corners of the world. Read the full results here

This year's survey hosted again by Ironstar introduces several new questions designed to delve deeper into the demographics and unique perspectives of Drupal developers globally. 

"If you build or maintain Drupal websites, no matter what level of experience you have, then your feedback is essential to helping everyone from the Drupal Association to event organizers to core contributions to understand your perspective and how you use and work with Drupal."

says Michael Richardson, Managing Director, Ironstar. The insights gained from the survey are pivotal in understanding the community's trajectory and evolving needs. Michael also adds that,

"This year we are especially interested in seeing how DDEV adoption has shifted in the past year as it became the officially supported Local Environment Manager for Drupal, how people feel about the future of Drupal itself, and what frameworks and technology Drupal developers are using when they build decoupled sites."

The survey is available in six languages—English, German, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, French, and Spanish—thanks to the efforts of dedicated translators. Their contributions ensure wider accessibility, allowing non-native English speakers to participate effortlessly. The languages and their respective translators are listed as follows:

The organizers have made it clear that completing the survey should take no more than 10 minutes. Participants have the liberty to skip any question, ensuring that responses remain as accurate and comfortable as possible for each individual.

The submission deadline is 23:59 on April 19 UTC, and anticipation is building towards the release of the results on May 7. Additionally, the findings will be showcased in a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session at DrupalCon Portland 2024, providing a platform for further discussion and engagement with the survey's outcomes.

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