The Art of Creating Custom Modules in Drupal 9

Illustration representing Custom Module Development for a Web CMS

Knowledge will give you power but character respect.

Taking the words of Bruce lee quite literally could cause a little destruction to your computer, but translating to the tech work you ought to or have done can mean something entirely different yet powerful.

The word, 'character,' can mean quite a few things. Character features may be construed as a responsibility or being the center. In this context, Drupal is a CMS known to give character to your website. It is responsible for ensuring quality and being the center of your work.

One such characteristic of Drupal 9 specifically is that it allows you to create custom modules to extend its functionality. Drupal Academy posted a blog post on January 28 explaining the process of creating a custom module in Drupal 9.

If learning about how to make use of these Drupal characteristics is what you are looking for, emerge yourself to the knowledge of this blog.

Reference: How to create custom module in Drupal 9?

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