DevRel Team Releases Debut Podcast Episode

Platformsh DevRel Team Releases Debut Podcast Episode

The Developer Relations (DevRel) team has introduced their much-anticipated podcast, 'ChangeMode,' marking a significant moment for the community. Marine Gandy, a DevRel Engineer at, announced the launch on her Twitter account.

In the first episode, titled "chmod 101: WTFM :Write that Funky Manual with Ryan Weaver," Marine Gandy converses with Ryan Weaver, the Symfony documentation lead and SymfonyCasts writer. Ryan shares insights into getting started with open source, his approach to crafting and managing documentation and screencasts, including handling translations, and maintaining a balance between open source work and family life.

You can listen to the podcast episode here: chmod 101: WTFM : Write That Funky Manual with Ryan Weaver (

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