Altudo’s Zeus Package to Help You Upgrade

02 February, 2023

Upgrading your existing Drupal installation from version 7 to 8 or 9 and eventually to 10 is a business proposition for many Drupal agencies. There exist many services out there that will assist you in upgrading soon.

One such Internet marketing service would be Altudo. They claim to help their clients deliver exceptional customer experience.

A blog post put out by Altudo explains upgrading-path to Drupal 9 for better reliability and efficiency. Mandar Bhagwat writes how migrating to the latest version of Drupal can be cumbersome but that Altudo’s team of Drupal experts will make it reasonably easy for you with a complete setup and required guidance to enjoy all the Drupal upgrade benefits.

According to the author, their team of experts will help you migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 in 5 weeks or less. Their Zeus upgrade package offers various things for easier Drupal upgrades.

The Zeus package will include the following:

  • An upgrade of one Drupal website from version 7 to version 9.
  • A composer-based upgrade approach.
  • Semi-auto custom code upgrade using Drupal 7 to 8/9 modular upgrader
  • Content migration using Acquia Migrate Accelerate
  • Essential Security audit and documentation
  • Training for content authors, marketers, developers, and the IT team.

If you want to read into the benefits of the Drupal 9 upgrade for marketers and developers, read Altudo’s blog on ‘Drupal Upgrade Under 5 Weeks for Better Reliability and Efficiency’

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