Time to Upgrade as EoL of Drupal 7 is in 2023

01 March, 2023

Have you decided to still stick to Drupal 7? Do you think sticking with the legacy version wouldn't be a problem since it works fine? That is true until it gets EOL. Once it becomes a dead CMS, you won't be able to 'receive bug fixes, experience Drupal's innovative changes, or receive security updates.' It is a security risk. Also, the underlying technology is ten years old, and in how web technologies evolve, that is a very long time.

The Hounder.co blog article 'Hurry! Make the upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9' explains why you should consider upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. Even this article may seem dated as it was published in July last year on their blog, The Dog Bowl.

Hounder is a digital design & development company based in Redlands, California.

The article first looks into the End of Life of Drupal 7. Drupal 7 End of Life (EoL) was originally scheduled for November 01, 2022. However, to provide adequate time and support for the teams whose valued knowledge supports Drupal 7 installations, the Drupal team moved 7's EoL to November 01, 2023. It indeed gives you a little time on your hands.

The article further urges the readers to keep reading as they emphasize the key features that may get you to consider upgrading. The blog post expresses Hounder's worry about all those companies that have not started the migration process, as Drupal 7 will basically be 'dead.'

How Should you prepare to upgrade? is the question. There is a long list of things you would miss out on by staying with Drupal 7, like; bug fixes, regular updates, changes to the user interface, security updates, and the ultimate Drupal 9 experience. The Dog Bowl blog article takes you through the upgrading journey.

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