Why Small Businesses Will Benefit from Drupal

Indeed Drupal has shown to grow stronger as the years pass by. Major corporations like Stanford University and Tesla use Drupal to develop their sites. That is not to say small businesses and startups cannot use Drupal.

In a blog article written by the creator of Drupal himself, Dries Buytaert explains why he chooses Drupal over static site generators for his website. Now, of course, Drupal's founder and project lead plays a role in why he uses Drupal for his website.

Me, not using Drupal, would be like Coca-Cola's CEO drinking Pepsi, a baker settling for supermarket bread, or a cabinet builder furnishing their home entirely with IKEA. People would be confused.

states Dries.

It would be funny to talk about only how the creator of Drupal appreciates Drupal. Drupal has a global community that takes about the beauty of its existence.

One such recent example would be a blog article but Developers Dev. As part of our initiative focussing on blog posts that promote Drupal, we re-read this post from developers.dev published on May 13, 2022, and modified on March 26, 2023. It is yet another exciting blog post that realises the value of Drupal. Incidentally, this company comprises a team of developers that enable you to hire developers easily.

Their blog article 'Why Drupal is more suitable for startups or small businesses' leads the readers into why your small-scale startup can benefit from using Drupal.

The article starts by introducing Drupal to the readers, then dives into why you should use Drupal. It then discusses some exciting aspects of Drupal's capabilities.

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