Events to Look Out for This Week: 2023 April 03 to 10

It is the start of April! This month there are many events for you from the Drupal community. You can keep an eye out for them here. But first, let us look for all those events and webinars for this week, April 03 to 10, 2023.

Drupal Development Workflows

New Drupal developers often face challenges in setting up a development workflow and deploying updates. In this online workshop on April 03, 2023, learn how to use a standard set of tools and best practices to implement a workflow that makes your development and deployment process smooth.

Drupal: AI-assisted content editing with CKEditor5 & OpenAI

In this webinar on April 04, 2023, you will discover the new module created by Hinto® for Drupal 10, starting from the new editor up to discovering the different features and possible use cases of this product.

Drupal/WordPress Brisbane Meetup

This Meetup will take place on April 06, 2023, bringing the Drupal and WordPress communities together. Spaces will be limited, but the organizers are happy to discuss how to move forward.

MidCamp April 2023 Planning

Since many roles and skill sets are needed to put on a conference like MidCamp, you can find a fit regardless of what you do daily. Join them to start planning for Mid Camp 2023, even if you do not live in Chicago. The meeting will take place on April 07, 2023. An online link to join the discussion remotely will be visible to registered meetup members.

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