Generate SEO-Friendly content thanks to the new module created by Hinto® that integrates OpenAI into the new Drupal 10 editor.

Initially introduced within Drupal as an experimental module in version 9.3 and subsequently as a stable module in versions 9.5 and 10, CKEditor5 represents one of the most important innovations of the last period of Drupal's evolution: the new WYSIWYG editor has rewritten the way manage content by introducing its own Document Object Model.

Hinto® Group wanted to take a step forward: we have created a module that integrates OpenAI functionality with CKEditor5.

Rise to prominence in the last period thanks above all to the diffusion of ChatGPT, OpenAI is one of the world's leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence: OpenAI products have proven to be very effective especially in supporting content generation and content editing, speeding up the work of the creators and opening up new scenarios in content writing.

In this webinar we will discover the new module created by Hinto® for Drupal 10, starting from the new editor up to discovering the different features and possible use cases of this product.


Raffaele Chiocca, Drupal Ambassador and Software Engineer of Hinto® is ready to guide you in discovering the potential that can be obtained thanks to this integration.

Specifically we will see how:

  • create content with OpenAI support
  • identify dangerous or sensitive content in terms of (hate, violence, racism, etc.)
  • generate images using DALL-E from a description
  • validate grammar and syntax using OpenAI
  • generate SEO-friendly content with OpenAI support

Who is it aimed at?

The webinar is aimed at programmers, content creators, but also CTOs and managers who want to find out how the integration between CKEditor and OpenAI can speed up and optimize the work of creators and copywriters.


All information on the webinar, including access links, will be sent to the email address indicated at the time of registration.

On Tuesday, April 04, 2023, at 13:00 Hrs CEST, Hinto® Group will present a special webinar, designed to introduce its new module for Drupal 10.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn about Hinto® Group's new Drupal 10 module and all the possibilities it can offer! Register now to join the webinar for this informative webinar.