DrupalCamp Ruhr Invites Session Proposals

DrupalCamp Ruhr Is from 12–13 May in Essen, Germany

DrupalCamp Ruhr is scheduled for 12-13 May in Essen, Germany. The Drupal community can submit session proposals on the official camp website in the weeks before the camp. The topic depends on the person who proposes it.

The proposed sessions could be on anything but not limited to the backend, performance, accessibility, module development, tools, teamwork, business, or work-life balance. In short, anything that interests the person could be proposed. To get an idea, take a look at the sessions already proposed.

English will be the primary language of the camp. However, if anyone would like to give the presentation in German, that’s also possible. At the end of this month, the organizers will group the sessions into themes. 

The chance to make a session proposal won’t cease with that. 

The camp days will start with a Barcamp Marketplace in the morning, where the participants can spontaneously offer sessions. Like the other bar camps, the final session plan will only emerge on the camp day. Keep a tab on the official DrupalCamp Ruhr website for more details and updates.

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